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Providing Dedicated Grape Distribution to Your Store

When you choose Vineripe Sales in Visalia, California, to complete your fruit delivery, you can be confident that you are receiving ripe, top-quality table grapes that your customers are sure to love. Our client-oriented company has dedicated employees that inspect the grapes we are loading, making sure that they are ready to be enjoyed. We guarantee that we will not ship out a rotten product. 

If you would like to have a healthy snack option shipped to your store location throughout North and South America, please call or e-mail us to place an order. We ship our product seasonally each year from May to December.


Ripe Red, Green, & Black Grape Varieties

Our business regularly distributes several grape varieties, including red grapes, green grapes, black grapes, and their sub-varieties, which are all regularly found in grocery stores. To learn more about the different varieties of grapes that we distribute, please visit the website for the California Table Grape Commission. Orders are shipped out at full-truckload volume, with delivery times ranging anywhere from one to six days, depending on your distance from our location.